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Jamaican Caving Expeditions

(Dec 3/10) - Nineteen more reports, for the July-August 2010 session, have been added to "Field Notes by Cave". More info can be found on the News page.

(Jul 19/10) - The following links lead to compilations of field notes for separate caving expeditions, with those for the last few years not posted as such (apologies, but you'll find many of them in the full list lower on the page). The chronological order is from most recent to oldest. The more recent notes are in a standard format and submissions of notes, which are welcome and invited, are requested to utilize a similar format. Links to notes for individual caves follow the expedition list, further down on this page.

(Mar 1/07) - The notes for the last two expeditions are still being worked on (Oct 2006 and Feb 2007). The June 2006 expedition has now had notes for eight of the visited sites posted, with more to soon follow.

Cave River System - Top Hole - Click for Full resolution - Photo by J PauelJCO
May 2007

Cavers: Stewart, Pauel, Snauffer, Zane, McCarville, Walker, Tyrone
Guy Van Rentergem at Volcano Hole, Feb 13, 2007 - Full resolution - Photo by J PauelJCO
Feb 2007

Cavers: Stewart, Van Rentergem, Pauel, Haiduk, Snauffer, Shiffer, Lee, Zane, McCarthy
On the Quick Step Trail, Oct 14, 2006 - Photo by J PauelJCO
Oct 2006

Cavers: Stewart, Slack, Pauel, Conolley, Russel, Smith, D. Lee, Snauffer, Comer, Sullivan, W. & S. Lee, Donaldson

Drip Cave, Jun 2, 2006 - Photo by J PauelJCO
May-Jun 2006

Cavers: Stewart, Slack, Pauel, Conolley, Haiduk, Taylor, Lee, Yovandich, John, Newman, Richards, Green, Sterling

Dunn's Hole, Mar 31, 2006JCO
Mar 2006

Cavers: Van Rentergem, De Splenter, Stewart, Slack, Conolley, Hyde, Lee, Gottgens, Francis, Hendricks, Borstad, Ross, Cunningham, Masel

Canaan, St James, October - 2005JCO
Sep-Oct 2005

Cavers: Stewart, Slack, Taylor, C. Donaldson

Conolley, Stewart, Williams, May - 2005JCO - TNC
May 2005

Cavers: Stewart, Conolley, Slack, Roggy, Hyde, Williams

Slack, Roggy, Conolley, March - 2005JCO - TNC
Mar-Apr 2005

Cavers: Stewart, Conolley, Bellinger, Roggy, Slack, Newman

Stewart, Van Rentergem, Conolley, Jan, 2005JCO
January 2005

Cavers: Stewart, Conolley, Rentergem, Bellinger, Roggy, Hyde, Slack, Loftin, Keife, McFarlane, Christenson, Lundberg, Allsworth-Jones

Kempshot Petroglyphs, June, 2004JCO
June 2004

Cavers: Stewart, Taylor, Conolley, Bellinger, Roggy, Hyde, Slack, Stirling, Peterson, Timmons

Van Rentegem, Taylor, Stewart, Apr, 2004JCO
Mar-Apr 2004

Cavers: Stewart, Rentergem, Conolley, Bellinger, Taylor, Roggy, Murray, Roeber, Engels

Bellinger at Thatchfield Cave, Jan, 2004JCO
Jan 2004

Cavers: Stewart, Taylor, Conolley, McCall, Bellinger, Ranger

Martel Taylor, Aug, 2003JCO
Aug - Nov 2003

Cavers: Stewart, Taylor, Conolley, Koenig, Ranger, W.Stephenson

Barrows Cave, May, 2003JCO
May 2003

Cavers: Stewart, Taylor, Conolley, Clive, Blake, McFarlane

Martel Taylor at the first drop of Windsor CaveJCO
Mar 2003

Cavers: Stewart, Taylor, Conolley, Clive

Tumpa, Malibu and Minocal at Marta Tick CaveJCO
Nov 2002

Cavers: Stewart, Taylor, Conolley, Stephenson, Tumpa

Elyse and Harlan Stewart, Dango, Sun and MalibuJCO
Aug 2002

Cavers: Stewart, Koenig, Taylor, Conolley, Salla

Susan Koenig, R. S. Stewart, and G. O. Graening, June 2002WRC
Jun 2002

Cavers: Koenig, Graening, McGinnis, Graening, Stewart, Taylor, Conolley

Susan Koenig at Bristol Cave, Feb 2002WRC
Feb - Mar 2002

Cavers: Koenig, Stewart, Taylor

Alberta Speleological SocietyAlberta
Dec 1985

Cavers: Saul, Morris, McKenzie


Miscellaneous JCO Outings

Guthries - Bamboo Bottom Trail, Aug 19, 2006
Schwallenburgh Sinkhole - Sept 23, 2007
Clarendon Mine Survey - Jan 13, 2008
Huntley Hole 5 - Jan 26, 2008

Field Notes by Cave

The following links lead to collected field notes for individual caves. It is a work in progress and not all of the systems found in the expedition notes, or all of the notes for each cave, are to be found in the list. The numbers (1), (2), etc, indicate the position in the list of deepest caves on the island.

Adam's Cave
Appleton Tower Maze
Asuno Hole - RS Stewart
Asuno Hole - J Pauel (MS Word)
Anancy Hole
August 23 Pit
Bad Hole Cave
Barbecue Bottom Hole 1
Barbecue Bottom Hole 2
Barracks Caves 1, 2, and 3
Barrow's Cave
Beardyman Cave
Belle Air Cave
Belfield Cave
Belly-Full Cave
Belmont Cave-1
Belmont Cave-2
Belmont and Drip Cave
Benta Well
Bertie Sinkhole
Big Well Cave
Birdgiddie Cave
Black River Head
Blenheim Caves 1-3
Blue Hole Glade Caves
Bonafide Cave
Bonnet Bush Cave
Booth Camp Spring
Border Hole - Cave River System
Bristol Cave
Bunker's Hill
Campbells Cave
Cane Patch Sink
Carambie Cave
Cave River Sink
Charles Town Cave
Clapham Cave
Clear River Cave
Clover Hill Cave
Crayfish Cave
Coffee River Cave
Comfort Hall St James
Contra Sheep Pen Hole
Cool Garden 1
Cool Garden 2
Cool Garden 3
Cool Garden 4
Crofts River Cave One
Crofts River Cave Two
Cross Keys High School Cave
Crystal Lake Cave
Cundalli Cave
Dead Baby Sinkhole
Deeside Cave
Devil's Staircase
Dromilly Cave
Duanwarie Cave-1
Dunco Spring Cave
Dunn's Hole Cave (27)
Duppy Cave
Ewart Town Bat Cave
Falling Cave
Far Enough Cave
Farmyard Cave
Fitzie 1, 2, 3
Flamstead Cave
Flood Exit Cave
Fontabelle Cave
Friday Gate Cave
Geneva Mtn Cave
Good Hope Cave
Good Hope One Cave
Good Hope Two Cave
Grasslice Cave
Gremlin Cave
Grierfield Cave
Green Grotto Cave
Gourie Cave
Guinea Corn Cave
Harties Cave-1
Harties Cave-2
Hessie's Sinkhole
History Cave
Home Away Cave
Hope River Glade Caves 1 and 2
Hulls Cave
Hutchinson's Hole (11)
Image Cave
Iron Maiden Cave
Jackson Young's Cave
Jackson's Bay Great Cave
Kempshot Cave
Kinloss Shelter Cave
Liebert's Great Hole
Likkle Cave
Long Mile Cave
Long Pond Sinkhole
Lumsden Property Cave
MacBean's Shelter
Mafoota Pumphouse Cave
Mafoota River Cave
Maldon School Cave
Marta Tick Cave
Martel Spring Cave
Me No Sen Cave
Mexico Cave
Micey Gully Cave
Miller Cave
Minocal's Glory Hole (20)
Miss Henney Cave
Mocho Cave
Montieth Cave
Morgans Pond Hole (2)
Mount Plenty Cave
Mouth Maze Cave
Mother Door Cave
Nanny Cave
Niagara River Cave
Nodewood Cave 2
Nodewood Rising
Norwood Ratbat Hole
One Day Cave
Oxford Cave
Pantrepant Cave
Patrick Cave
Pedro Great Cave
Pennhouse Shelter-1
Pennhouse Shelter-2
Pennhouse Shelter-3
Penthouse Cave
Peterkin Cave
Pool Cave
Printed Circuit Cave
Pumphouse Cave
Puskurrunkus Cave
Quashies River Cave
Ramgoat Cave
Raymonds Cave
Rice Bottom 1
Rice Bottom 2
Rice Bottom 3
Richmond Park Cave
River Maiden Cave
Riverhead Cave
Roach Cave
Road-Side Pit
Roaring River Cave
Rocky Road Cave
Roehampton School Cave
Rolling Rock Pit
Rota Cave
Rota Sink
Rudist Rock Cave
Ruined Ground Cave
Salmon Gully Cave
St Clair Cave
Saucy River Cave
Sawmill Cave
Schaw Castle Cave
Schwallenburgh Sinkhole
Schwallenburgh Cave
Sheep Pen Cave
Sherwood Forest Stream Cave
Shorty's Cave
Springvale South Cave
Smokey Hole Cave (1)
Spring Cave
Stephenson Cave
Still Waters Cave
Swansea Cave
Swanga Shelter
Swanga Shelter
Thatchfield Great Cave (3)
Too Far Stream Cave
Tydixon Ratbat Cave
Tyre Stream Cave
Tyre Sump Cave
Undernose Cave
Valley Pit
Vaughansfield Cave
Vauxhall Cave
Volcano Hole (4)
Wallingford Collapse Cave
Wallingford Main Cave
Wallingford River Cave
Wallingford Roadside Cave
Wallingford Tunnel Cave
Water Jar Cave
Whelton Cave
Welsch Ratbat Cave
Wilson's Run Cave
Windsor Castle Cave
Windsor Great Cave
Wondrous Cave
Worthy Park Cave-1
Young Gully Cave

Field Notes by Caver

R. S. Stewart I. C. Conolley Mark Bellinger Dietrich Roggy Ian McKenzie