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Lumsden Property Cave

February 9, 2010

District: Lumsden

Parish: St Ann

WGS84 L/L: 18 22 14.2, 77 13 59.7

JAD2001: 725349 E, 691036 N

JAD69: 225238 E, 190747 N

Altitude: 560m WGS84

Accuracy: +/- 5m horizontal; +/- 15m vertical


Type: Shelter

Accessibility: Walk-in

Depth: 5m

Length: 20m

Explorers: Stewart - JCO, 2010

Survey: Sketch map - Stewart, 2010

JU Ref: pg 235

JU Map: N/A

Entrance size: 10m W, 5m H

Entrance aspect: 30

Vegetation in general locale: Scrub/farm

Vegetation at entrance: Scrub

Geology: White limestone

Bedding: Poor

Jointing: Poor

Speleothems: Stals

Palaeo resources: None seen

Archaeo resources: None seen

Hydrology: Dry

Dark zone: 0%.

Climate: 25 deg C, dry.

Bats: 0

Bat guano: Some

Guano mining: None

Guano condition: small, scattered deposits

Visitation: Occasional

Speleothem damage: None

Graffiti: None

Trash: None

Ownership: Private

Protection: None

Vulnerability: Low

Lumsden Property Cave
February 9, 2010
Team: RS Stewart
Notes: RS Stewart

Lumsden Property Cave was visited on the morning of Feb 9, 2010, by Stewart, before the bat netting at Guinea Corn Cave. We assume it is the same site as the one listed in Jamaica Underground - it is on the Lumsden property, and no others in the vicinity were heard of, but as the JU position has limited accuracy (given to 1000m grid coords), and limited information, we cannot be sure. The JU entry is: "A cave reported at this site has a large quartz intrusion near the entrance. Site is apparently known locally.", with JAD69 grid coords of 04-225-191.

No quartz intrusion was seen, and it seems strange that there should be one. Lumsden property sits on top of a very deep layer of white limestone, many kilometres from the nearest igneous rock. Perhaps calcite was mistaken as quartz by the locals?

The cave itself is little more than a shelter, with a small lower chamber on the SW. It appears to be an occasional roost for Artibeus jamaicensis, as evidenced by small, scattered deposits of guano, and some growing fruit trees, but none were present during the visit. The entire cave is either well-lit, or in the twilight zone.

A rough sketch map follows:

Lumsden Property Cave sketch map

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