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Jan 30, 2004


Position: WGS84 - 18 22' 09.8" N, 77 42' 19.4" W, +/- 5 m

Field notes: R. S. STEWART

Cavers: R. S. Stewart, M. Taylor

Time in: 11:00 EST, Time out: 12:00 EST


Clear River Cave had been a discovery of ours on Aug 28, 2004, my birthday. At that time, it had been resurging and we couldn't get that far in. It had been our intention to get back at a dryer time of year, and because we wanted a bit of a day off, we decided to make our return visit today. The drive is only about 30 min from Coxheath, the hike to the cave is easy, and a survey wouldn't take very long due to the nature of the cave, (a straight stream-passage).

Martel and I rolled over to Dromilly district, late morning, soon reached the cave, and began our survey. The river was not resurging so we were hopeful of pushing it further. As it turned out, we were able to go exactly twice as far this time, 96 m, before a sump was reached. The previous trip, we had hit flooded resurging passage at about 48 m.

When the survey was done, (copy found below with just the plan view), I polished up the GPS position, noted Eleuths in the entrance chamber, and then we headed back to Miss Lilly's for our day off.

Survey of Clear River Cave
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