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Feb 26, 2002

UNNAMED CAVE, Geneva Mountain, Dolphin Head, Jamaica

Field Notes: R. S. Stewart

Cavers: S. Koenig, M. Taylor, R. S. Stewart

Entrance 17:00

Position: Reserved due to biological resources. Contact JCO

Cave entrance position marked with Garmin as Wpt 006, at 16:30, DGPS WAAS, accuracy +/- 3 m, GPS: Fix 9, averaged 10 min. saved as WPT 102
(WPT is ~10 m south of entrance)
(Entered in the GPS Register).
Alt(uncal) 200 m on hill above entrance, (~10 m above floor of entrance)
Alt(uncal) 60 in cane field
Alt(uncal) 80 in pasture

The walk to the entrance takes 40 min. The entrance faces north and is ~4 m x 3 m high, and is found on the side of a hill, above a saddle.
As soon as you get into the cave, the heat and humidity rise sharply. The cave consists of one long, large chamber zigzagging in a SE direction, (sketch in notebook), for apx 100 m (very uncertain).
Guano extraction was obviously underway, (torch bottles, scoops etc).

Millipedes were found by the dozens in the first part of the cave. The bat population is massive. One possibly native roach was found. American roaches were present in the hundreds of thousands, (millions?).
The sight of vast hordes of roaches running at high speed across the breakdown boulders in the cave is something I'll remember forever. I didn't want to stand in any one place for too long in case they’d start running around on me! The rain of bat feces coming down on us, as they were all stirred up and in the air, was also creeping me out. This was the first time I really wanted to get out of a cave.

This cave is not in the Jamaican Cave Register. This seems to be the first time a biologist, S. Koenig, or caver has been into it.

Note to self:
Never even consider going into this cave again.

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