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Maroon Town
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Collected Caving Notes of R. S. Stewart

The following links lead to collected field notes for individual caves. It is a work in progress and not all of the systems found in the expedition notes, or all of the notes for each cave, are to be found in the list.

Anancy Hole
August 23 Pit
Bad Hole Cave
Barrow's Cave
Belle Air Cave
Belfield Cave
Belly-Full Cave
Benta Well
Bertie Sinkhole
Bonafide Cave
Bonnet Bush Cave
Bristol Cave
Bunker's Hill
Clear River Cave
Comfort Hall St James
Cool Garden 1
Cool Garden 2
Cool Garden 3
Cool Garden 4
Crystal Lake Cave
Cundalli Cave
Dead Baby Sinkhole
Deeside Cave
Devils Staircase
Dromilly Cave
Duppy Cave
Fitzie 1, 2, 3
Flood Exit Cave
Fontabelle Cave
Geneva Mtn Cave
Grasslice Cave
Green Grotto Cave
Hessie's Sinkhole
History Cave
Home Away Cave
Hutchinson's Hole
Kempshot Cave
Liebert's Great Hole
Likkle Cave
MacBean's Shelter
Mafoota Pumphouse Cave
Mafoota River Cave
Maldon School Cave
Marta Tick Cave
Micey Gully Cave
Minocal's Glory Hole
Miss Henney Cave
Mocho Cave
Peterkin Cave
Printed Circuit Cave
Ramgoat Cave
Rice Bottom 1
Rice Bottom 2
Rice Bottom 3
Roach Cave
Road-Side Pit
Rocky Road Cave
Roehampton School Cave
Rota Cave
Rota Sink
Rudist Rock
Schaw Castle Cave
Springvale South Cave
Still Waters Cave
Thatchfield Great Cave
Valley Pit
Vaughansfield Cave
Volcano Hole
Wallingford River Cave
Wallingford Main Cave
Wallingford Roadside Cave
Wallingford Tunnel Cave
Whelton Cave
Windsor Castle Cave
Windsor Great Cave
Young Gully Cave

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