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Cross Keys High School Cave
June 8, 2006 - 10:00-11:30 EST

District: Cross Keys

Parish: Manchester

WGS84 L/L: 17 53 41.6, 77 30 10.7


JAD69: 196590 E, 138150 N

JAD2001: 696701 E, 638439 N

Altitude: 600m WGS84

Accuracy: +/- 15m horizontal; +/- 20m vertical

Type: Breakdown maze

Accessibility: Scramble

Depth: 12

Length: 15m

Explorers: JCO June 8, 2006

Survey: None

JU Ref: N/A


Entrance size: 2m W x 3m H

Entrance aspect: 270 deg true

Vegetation in general locale: Farm, scrub

Vegetation at entrance: Scrub

Rock type: Yellow limestone (?)

Bedding: Poor

Jointing: Strong

Speleothems: Stals

Palaeo resources: Undetermined

Archaeo resources: None

Hydrology: Seasonal input

Siltation: Some

Dark zone: 75%.

Climate: Warm, semi-humid.

Bats: None

Bat guano: N/A

Guano mining: N/A

Guano condition: N/A

Eleutherodactylus cundalli: Some

Neoditomyia farri: None

Amblypygids: None

Periplaneta americana: None

Cave crickets: None

Sesarma: None

Other species: Araneae - G. cavernicola (?)

Visitation: Occasional - local

Speleothem damage: None

Graffiti: None

Garbage: Much

Ownership: Govt - school

Protection: None

Vulnerability: Low

Cross Keys High School Cave
June 8, 2005
Team: RS Stewart, E Slack, J Pauel, M Taylor, A Yovandich
Notes: RS Stewart

On the evening of June 7, we had stayed once again at Marcia's in Cross Keys. At the cookshop, we had been told about a cave on the grounds of the high school, and that it was very deep. There was nothing listed in that area, so we decided to have a look at it the next morning.

Soon after having breakfast on the morning of June 8, we loaded up with gear and went in search of the high school cave (the "guide" who had promised to show it to us had not met us at the cookshop as he had promised). This proved to be fairly easy; we rolled up to the gate of the school, told the gate-keeper what we were about, he called up to the school, got the word soon after to send us up to the office, and fifteen minutes later we had one of the school employees taking us to the site.

The entrance to the cave is located in a gulley 150m due north of the school. Water enters it during rainy times, carrying in a certain amount of trash from the gully with it. The cave itself is a breakdown maze and has no real chambers or passages, although a seasonal flow does appear to continue onwards through boulder-choked crevices. The depth is only about 12m, but it seems somewhat more than this due to the tight scrambles involved in getting to the bottom. Inwards, it only extends some fifteen metres until it becomes too tight.

Elizabeth explored the last, smallest part, for a couple of metres, but it became too tight. A video of her sliding into this squeeze can be found linked to at the top of this page.

The rock did not appear to be regular white limestone - perhaps either cretaceous (Maestrichtian) or yellow limestone.

A local name is "Cow Titty Cave", but we have decided to list this minor site as Cross Keys High School instead.

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