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Aug 23, 2003


Position: 18 17' 06.3" N, 77 43' 04.4" W

Field notes: R. S. STEWART

Cavers: R. S. Stewart, W. Stephenson

Continued from Minocal's Glory Hole.

Road-Side Pit is a simple choked shaft about 10 metres to the west of the Quick Step road, north of Minocal's. It was our second stop of the day made for GPS referencing purposes.

As we resumed our journey to Stephenson's Cave after leaving Minocal's Glory Hole, I continued to ask Walton to direct us to any easily reached shafts or caves en route. About 1 km to the north of Minocal's, Walton told me to stop and park, and then the two of us had a look at a simple shaft of about 15 - 20 m depth located about 10 metres to the west of the road. A GPS position was taken and saved as wpt's 124 and 125. The fix was only 2D Diff, so the indicated alt of 395 m is not to be trusted, but a subsequent examination of the track file showed very good stability in the horizontal plane. The stated position should be better than +/- 10m.

There was no need to descend into the pit, it being obviously a choked shaft of no great depth, so Walton and I climbed back into the car and continued on to the start of the Marta Tick Cave trail.

Continue to Marta Tick Cave.

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