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These notes have been contributed by Ian McKenzie of the Alberta Speleological Society. Scanned copies of the original notes and survey can be found lower on the page.

Dec, 1985


Position: Borobridge, St. Ann

Field notes: I. McKenzie

Cavers: M. Saul, T. Morris, I. McKenzie

Survey: BCRA 5, length 331 metres, vertical range 9 metres

This cave represents the only original exploration and survey conducted by Canadians Marg Saul, Trevor 'Tich" Morris, and Ian McKenzie during a visit in December, 1985.

Marg and Tich were shown two unappealing, previously unreported entrances by the teenage kids of the family they were temporarily renting a room from. The upstream branch in the first, (the kids said it was called "Salivary" with the accent on the second syllable, but were unsure of pronunciation, spelling or meaning), was blocked within 5m of the entrance. Downstream was choked with flood debris and garbage which was quickly cleared, then Marg examined it by kneeling on Tich to keep her clothes clean! Tich bubbled and cursed his way through a small duck under roots which led to a pool followed by another low muddy duck, dredging the second, more unpleasant one. Beyond, the cave opened into a large walking passage and after 100m of this Tich decided it was worth pushing and surveying the next day.

The next day all three returned, again accompanied by the kids. Ian bypassed the second duck via a short, obvious bypass which Tich had unaccountably missed. All three cavers mapped Saliva while the kids pushed ahead and connected it to Mother Door, (local name), the other stream cave partially explored the day before, which was pushed, and surveyed to tight dendritic passages at various levels.

(Description adapted from The Canadian Caver, vol 18, no 1, spring 1986)

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