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MAY 13, 2003


Position: WGS84 - 18 11' 01.1" N, 77 38' 35.9" W, Alt 220 m

Field notes: R. S. STEWART

Cavers: R. S. Stewart, M. Taylor, A. McFarlane, M. McFarlane

Immediately after we left Wallingford River Cave, we crossed to the near-by Wallingford Main Cave. This cave sits part way up a hill directly across the road, north, from the river. The entrance is large and gives way to a wide, and high, passage that runs for about 60 m into the hill. At the far end there a couple of crawls that choke out. The cave because of its easy access, and fairly level floor has been used repeatedly over the years as a party spot. As a result, the walls bear grafitti spray paint, and much garbage is to be found strewn about. It is obvious that this regular human disturbance, including the use of kerosene bottle lamps, is responsible for the limited presence of bats and inverts, (other than the introduced American Cockroaches).

This is a good example of a cave degraded by human vandalism. It appears to have once supplied a good habitat for cave species and would have held recoverable records of past species, and paleoclimatic conditions, but it is now little more than a shelter from the rain. The few surviving Artibeus fruitbats would undoubtedly increase in numbers, and perhaps be rejoined by other species, if the cave could be left alone for several decades.

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