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Mar 04, 2003


Field notes: R. S. STEWART

Cavers: R. S. Stewart, I. C. Conolley, M. Taylor

The last cave of the day, on Mar 4, was the passage on the roadside north of Rocky Road Cave that we'd had a quick look into back in November. Our foray to the Victor Caves, earlier in the day, had left so many ticks on my caving clothes, and in my socks and boots, that I couldn't bring myself to put them back on. I decided to do this last cave in sandals and shorts.

The entrance to this cave is about a metre wide and somewhat more high. It is in the side of a large ridge that looks over Springvale to the NE. The entrance is obvious and sits behind a low, exterior, stalagmite wall. The opening gives way to a passage that is part crawl, part crouch, and leads for about 15 m until progress is blocked by a stal barrier. Fine formations are seen en route to the barrier. Looking as best as possible through the stals showed the passage to continue in much the same fashion.

I managed to do the crawls with a minimum of damage to my knees, and the cheap Canadian Beer Store sandals that I had on my feet served well enough.

The GPS positon has been accurately recorded on two previous occasions during stops while on the way to Maroon Town, and is in the GPS Register. An Eleutherodactylus cundalli was heard inside the entrance. Etiquette strongly suggests that the stal barrier not be breached to enable further exploration of the passage.
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