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(Aug 13, 2020)
The Jamaican Caves Organisation continues to be in need of funding. At present, all expenses are paid from our own pockets. A typical outing, such as fieldwork at Portland Ridge or Rock Spring, can cost about 5,000 J$ in fuel and tolls for each of the two vehicles used (Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Discovery). On top of this is replacement of equipment due to regular wear and tear in caves (headlamps, footwear, ropes, survey gear, etc), and vehicle maintenance. Lack of funds limits the fieldwork that some of us can do.

We could also benefit greatly by having better computers. For GIS work, Stewart, who handles it, is battling an old dual core laptop with 4GB of RAM, using QGIS, which is very prone to crashing in the midst of a project. For videos, Pauel, who takes care of most of it, is recording in 4K but unable to edit in 4k.


As of August, 2020, we would be very grateful for donations of the following new or used items:

Several good quality caving headlamps, such as Sten or Petzl.
Several li-ion 18650 rechargeable batteries and a charger.
4 rechargeable AA batteries and a charger.
A 5-bar rack descender.
2 Pantin ascenders.
2 pairs of tough hiking boots, size 10 (mens).
2 medium-sized drybags.
A Suunto survey compas.
A Disto laser range-finder.
A digital clinometer.
A Garmin GPSr with a large screen, Glonass/GPS capable and WAAS.
1 or 2 desktop computers with enough RAM to edit 4k video files.
A keyboard.
A complete set of the digitized 1:12,500 Jamaican topo series.

Cash donations are also very welcome, such as enough to fill an 87 litre fuel tank with diesel, and cover toll charges a couple of times a month.


The JCO is happy to assist, and collaborate with, visiting researchers and cavers. Please refer to our rate chart for more information

Rescue and body recovery:

The JCO can assist in rescues, or body recovery (we've done two so far), but are often not able to do so unless expenses are taken care of. In the event of emergency situations, please contact us at 876 219 8793 (Stefan), or 876 990 7255 (Jan), and we'll see what we can do.

We would like to thank:

Lavinia for the great donation of a laptop and caving gear in January, 2015.

ESRI for the January, 2010, donation of ArcGIS 9, and associated programs. At long last, we can move on from ArcView 3.1.

Bill Palmer, for his donations towards the June, 2004 expedition, and JCO work done in January, 2005. It was a great help in keeping things alive.

Guy van Rentergem for his continuing contributions of much needed caving and survey gear. His donations have helped to shorten the above list considerably. Bless-up.

Don McFarlane, for buying maps and helping us with funding.

The NSS, for the grant received for the Jan 2005 Expedition.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force, for paying us for the Hutchinson's Hole work.

Sanjay Surana, for his donation of a harness and figure-8.

The JCO is a non-profit organisation that is pleased to receive the support of:

The Last Resort

The Jamaican Caves Organization