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Miller Cave
June 11, 2006 - 15:45-16:15 EST
Team: RS Stewart, IC Conolley, J Pauel, M Taylor

District: Duanvale

Parish: Trelawny

WGS84 L/L: 18 24 23.4; 77 36 23.3

JAD69: 185808 E, 194809 N

JAD2001: 685919 E, 695098 N

Altitude: 190m WGS84

Accuracy: +/- 10m horizontal; +/- 15m vertical

Type: Chamber cave

Accessibility: Walk-in

Depth: 3m

Length: 20m

Explorers: Unknown

Survey: None

Entrance size: 3m W x 2m H

Entrance aspect: 180 deg true

Vegetation in general locale: Farm

Vegetation at entrance: Scrub

Rock type: White limestone

Bedding: Poor

Jointing: Poor

Speleothems: Stals, flowstone

Palaeo resources: None

Archaeo resources: None seen

Hydrology: Minor rainy-season surface run-off

Siltation: N/A

Dark zone: 50%.

Climate: Warm, semi-humid.

Bats: <500

Bat guano: Some

Guano mining: Some

Guano condition: Dry/compact

Eleutherodactylus cundalli: Some

Neoditomyia farri: None

Amblypygids: None

Periplaneta americana: Some

Cave crickets: None

Sesarma: None

Other species: Rats. Minor roost for Artibeus jamaicensis (large fruit-bats).

Visitation: Occasional - local.

Speleothem damage: None

Graffiti: Some

Garbage: Some

Ownership: Private

Protection: None

Vulnerability: Low

Miller Cave
June 11, 2006 - 15:45-16:15 EST
Notes: RS Stewart

This was the last of the sites visited in aid of the Duanvale Community Tourism Association, and the only one that is a true cave. Although it is not large, it is made up of several chambers and has an area of dark-zone. The entrance is located some tens of metres from the base of a cell-phone tower, and easily accessed (a hike of perhaps 15 metres from where you can park).

The entrance is at the bottom of a small collapse pit which we are pleased to note was not filled-in during construction of the cell-tower. A small amount of water flows into the entrance during heavy rains, but quickly soaks away into the soil on the floor of the cave (there was no evidence of past pooling).

A small bat-roost is extant in the cave, which appears to consist entirely of the common fruit-bat, A. jamaicensis. American roaches, P. americana, are present as an invasive species, and a rat’s nest was observed. No trog macroinvertebrates were seen. The cave frog, E. cundalli, is using the area just inside the entrance.

Graffiti is present in the cave but consists mostly of charcoal, so removal would be possible. Garbage is present, but a clean-up of this would not take very long (an hour or two).

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