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Cane Patch Sink

April 2, 2005 - 8:30-12:00 EST


District: Rock Spring

Parish: Trelawny

WGS84 L/L: Undetermined


JAD69: 189000 E, 183300 N

JAD2001: Undetermined

Altitude: 520m JAD69

Accuracy: +/- 100m

Type: Impenetrable sink

Accessibility: Impenetrable

Depth: N/A

Length: N/A

Explorers: JCC - 1971

Survey: None

JU Ref: Text - pg 111; Map - none


Entrance size: N/A

Entrance aspect: N/A

Vegetation in general locale: Farm

Vegetation at entrance: Farm

Rock type: Yellow - White limestone junction

Bedding: Moderate

Jointing: Moderate

Speleothems: N/A

Palaeo resources: N/A

Archaeo resources: None

Hydrology: Wet

Siltation: Heavy

Sink: Pooled

Rising: N/A

Stream passage with surface activity: Flooded

Stream passage without surface activity: N/A

Dark zone: 0%.

Climate: N/A

Bats: 0

Bat guano: N/A

Guano mining: N/A

Guano condition: N/A

Eleutherodactylus cundalli: None

Neoditomyia farri: None

Amblypygids: None

Periplaneta americana: None

Cave crickets: None

Sesarma: None

Other species: None

Visitation: None

Speleothem damage: None

Graffiti: None

Garbage: None

Ownership: Private

Protection: None


Vulnerability: Low.


Cane Patch Sink

April 2, 2005

Team: Conolley, Slack.

Notes: IC Conolley

18 18 14.8, 77 34 21.8; Datum: OGB-C  [Position does not plot in right locale]

Stagnant water present. Possibly a choked sink

18 17 54.8, 77 34 44.4;  Datum: OGB-C

Another opening.

Deep pool found downstream of above position travelling West


Notes: E Slack

Ivor and I followed a stream, past a farm, to  point where it looked like the water sunk.  There was no opening, nor really even a depression in the ground.  Ivor identified wild cane growing in the immediate vicinity.  The farmer may know more, but he was not there when we were.


[Many sinks in the district were mud-choked during our visit as a result of siltation during Hurricane Ivan. In the listed position, Conolley and Slack found two sites, neither of which permitted entry. This site may be currently lost. Stewart]

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