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Mar 27, 2004


Position: Main Entrance: WGS84 - 18 21' 04.9" N, 77 38' 50.9" W


Cavers: R. S. Stewart, I. C. Conolley, M. Bellinger, G. van Rentergem, R. Stirling, D. Williams

Time in: 11:00 EST, Time out: 20:30 EST


Another fun cave with large bat chambers. And, the mud and guano is heavy. There were two vertical drops. The first drop provided my muddiest vertical work so far. Not a bad drop, but covered in mud. By the time I was going back up the rope, the jumars would get caked in mud. They would not lock on the rope and kept slipping down. It felt a little frantic at points getting the damn things to stay up. Maybe a prusik would be a good safety in a muddy situation like that.

Our party decreased by two at the first drop. Rona and Delroy were not comfortable with the rappel. Perhaps this was the best, as the ascent up that muddy drop was quite challenging... It's important that our group allows for the unexpected. Someone not wishing or able to continue, needs to be prepared to say so.

All of Guy's new gear got us talking and sent me to the web to find a decent link to different gear. Here is one:

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