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The Last Resort - Windsor, Jamaica

(Sept 6/10) The Last Resort is currently unable to rent rooms. We hope the situation changes in the near future, so will leave this page in place.

(Feb 12/04) Ivor Conolley's guesthouse, "The Last Resort", is nestled against the hills of the northern Cockpit Country in Windsor District, Trelawny. Immediately to the south rises, "The Escarpment", one of the more notable topographic features of the northern Cockpit. Less than 30 metres to the north is the beautiful Martha Brae River, found here in its purer, cleaner, upstream reaches. Surrounding the guesthouse are hibiscus, heliconia and banana. The natural beauty of Jamaica can be viewed here in its truest form by doing nothing more than sipping tea on the porch.

The Last Resort, Windsor, Trelawny, Jamaica Facilities at The Last Resort are suited to the natural environment of this remote district. Because the power line stops kilometres away from Windsor, electricity is supplied by solar panels. Water is from rains and river. Your morning alarm-call is delivered by a rooster.

Conditions aren't entirely basic, of course; there are indoor toilets, lights, and good cooking facilities.

Accommodations at The Last Resort are available at the rate of 15 US$ per person per night. Some of the rooms are single and others double, but in total up to seventeen people can be found room for. Usually, there are far fewer people than this at any one time, and in fact, during your stay, you will very possibly have the place to yourself, other than the two caretakers and farmers in residence.

Reservations for The Last Resort can be made with Ivor Conolley via email at, or by phone at Home: 931-6070 or Cell: 876-700-7128.
The porch Windsor is reached by travelling the road from Falmouth, Trelawny, to Martha Brae, and then crossing the bridge to the east and turning right to follow the valley south into the hills. From here, you pass through the small farming towns of Perth Town and Reserve, after you've parted ways with the river, then through Sherwood Content, Coxheath, and then to Windsor. At Dango's Shop, a right turn, and another kilometre, will bring you to your destination.

The Last Resort is the current headquarters of the Jamaican Caves Organization. If you are fortunate in your timing, you will meet some very interesting people during your visit.

The Jamaican Caves Organization would like to thank Mr. Conolley for his great support and assistance through the years. He has been instrumental in helping us maintain the organisation, and more importantly, has been onboard for many of our greatest caving accomplishments.

The Last Resort

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