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Rock Climbing

The Jamaican Caves Organisation supplies guides, transport, and technical assistance for small groups of visiting rock climbers and tourists (maximum of 4) who are based from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios on the north coast, or Mount Rosser to Kingston in the east. The fee is 75 US$ per person per day, with a minimum fee of 225 US$ per day. We can also arrange inexpensive accommodation in appropriate districts to allow for multi-day trips to a variety of climbing locations (Cockpit Country, Lluidas Vale, John Crow Mountains, and others).

Our guides are highly experienced in climbing and Single Rope Technique, and very familiar with the island, including its culture, geology, and security issues. An example of our experience can be found by clicking on the YouTube window to the right (The Asuno).

At present, our climbing equipment is limited to helmets, harnesses, vertigear, a variety of static ropes, and one dynamic rope. Visitors must supply their own pro (chocks, cams, bolts, etc). Please note that static ropes are fine for top-roping in most cases.

The transportation supplied is a Landrover Discovery that can handle almost any road on the island.

SRT Workshops

We also offer training in SRT (Single Rope Technique) for groups of 10-12 people in the Kingston area for a fee of 2,500 J$ per person. Four levels of instruction are available: Beginners I and II, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each workshop is eight hours long, and takes place at a location within easy driving distance of New Kingston.

The Beginners I workshop covers the proper rigging of a static rope, plus rappelling and ascending. Two pitches (vertical extent) are included - 10m and 20m.

The Beginners II workshop covers the basics of top-rope rock climbing.

The Intermediate workshop covers changing over from descent to ascent on fixed ropes, and visa versa, and how to pass a rebelay.

The Advanced workshop covers basic rescue techniques.

Workshops take place on weekends only, and the minimum class size is ten, so we require advanced notice that includes several dates you'll have available.

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