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Ian Blake's Shop, St. James, Jamaica

Ian Blake's Shop is located in the beautiful village of Wales Pond, St James. The village of Wales Pond sits high in the hills south of Montego Bay, and is a quick drive from most of the Montego Bay resorts.
Ian Blake's Shop, Wales Pond, St. James, Jamaica Wales Pond, because of its altitude of over 330 m, (1100 ft), is often much cooler than the sea-level resorts, and is a perfect jumping-off point for hikes into the highland forests that stretch for kilometres to the east. A wonderful variety of birds, flowers, and trees can be seen on walks in this district, and tourists who stay at Montego Bay resorts can easily make afternoon trips that will allow them to see the natural beauty of Jamaica's forests and farms.
Ian Blake, of the locally well-known Blake family, offers snacks, cold drinks, and basic supplies at his shop. Arrangements can often be made with Ian for guided hiking tours into the surrounding hills, but even if one wishes to just escape Montego Bay on a hot afternoon, then Wales Pond is the place to be. You will not only feel safe, you will be safe. You will have the opportunity to see the surrounding natural beauty, and meet the local farmers, with no fear of being rushed by the sort of riff-raff you will have encountered lurking beyond the walls of your resort compound.

Ian Blake's Shop, Wales Pond, St. James, Jamaica Wales Pond is reached from Montego Bay by taking the Negril road to Bogue, and turning left as soon as one passes the new housing development, (easily identified by the identical small houses on identical small lots). The road at first goes ESE for 1.5 km, (1 mile), along the base of the hills, passing through Gordons Crossing, then turns south to climb into the hills. Another 1.5 km of driving will bring you to the village of Wales Pond and Ian's shop will be easily located by asking anyone around. Arrangements can sometimes be made through this site but we can offer no guarantees on timely contact with Ian. He may be reached directly by phone at 876-796-9805, or one can just head into the hills, find Wales Pond, and ask for Ian's Shop. Most times, he will be there and glad to guide you, or if you prefer, just serve you up cold Red Stripe while you pass the time of day and relax in the green hills of Jamaica.

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