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This weather report is provided by the Jamaican Caves Organization as an aid to cavers, climbers, researchers, bird-watchers, naturalists, hikers, and any others who require guidance on weather conditions for the interior/elevated districts of Jamaica. Heads-up: We'll be in the field from Nov 8 to 18, and there will be no weather updates during that time.

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Go to the current infrared satellite photo - Courtesy Environment Canada Overview:

(Nov 7, 2007) - The weather in Jamaica today will continue to be rainy. A stationary front that stretches from Nicaragua to the Canadian Maritimes remains in place over Jamaica. In addition, a series of tropical waves are coming in from the east that are impacting the front right over the island. It's a recipe for much rain.

To put things in perspective (refer to the chart below), the front has come down from N America, and the prevailing winds are bringing in the waves from the east. This time of year, you regularly get the two mashing together, just like now. Conditions will improve when the front pushes forward and/or disippates. The JCO hopes this will happen by early next week, as we'll be in the field and have a couple of river caves on the agenda.

(The infrared satellite photo, weather chart, and the visible light photo (updated later this morning) can be clicked on to go to the current images.)

Go to the originating, real-time weather chart for Jamaica Jamaican Weather Forecast, All Parishes:

Rain, heavy at times.

Unsettled. Chance of heavy rain.

Rain, heavy at times.

The day after tomorrow:
Rain, heavy at times.

Ten-day Hiking Forecast:

The Cockpit Country: Partly cloudy. Afternoon storms.
The Hellshire Hills: Partly cloudy.
Dolphin Head: Partly cloudy. Chance of afternoon storms.
The Blue and John Crow Mountains: Partly cloudy. Afternoon showers.

Go to the current visible light satellite photo Caving Alerts:

Rain, heavy at times, is possible in elevated, interior districts. This includes the catchment areas for most of the river caves. Active river caves will be subject to sudden flooding if thunderstorms become severe over catchment areas. Note that these catchments can be many kilometres from the actual cave; the water will enter underground, rising out of formerly sumped pools, hours after it fell.

Tourist Forecast:

Negril - Rainy.
Montego Bay - Rainy.
Ocho Rios - Rainy.
Cockpit Country - Rainy.
Blue Mountains - Rainy.

10-Day Probability of Rain:

Accompong - 90%
Balaclava - 80%
Pedro District - 50%
Falmouth -50%
Lluidas Vale - 50%
Kingston - 60%
Mandeville - 75%
Maroon Town - 100%
Montego Bay - 50%
Negril - 40%
Ocho Rios - 70%
Quick Step - 100%
Sav-la-Mar - 40%
Sherwood Content - 70%
Troy - 100%
Ulster Spring - 100%

Temperatures for Inland Caving areas:

High: 28 - 31
Low: 18 - 20

10 Day Weather Forecast:

Negril - Sunny mornings, scattered clouds in the afternoons. Probability of rain - 30%
Montego Bay - Sunny mornings, chance of storms in the afternoons. Probability of rain - 40%
Ocho Rios - Sunny mornings, chance of storms in the afternoons. Probability of rain - 50%

Biting Insect Forecast:

Ticks: Grasslice, Red Back Ticks, and Silver Ticks are all at high levels. Pyro will be necessary in cow pastures.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes will be at high levels (in the bush) through the forecast period. DEET will be required in areas that are forested and have many bromeliads.

Jamaican Farming Advisory:

Afternoon storms continue. It will be dryest in the morning, so start early on the farm, and then relax with a nice red pea soup and a Guinness in the early afternoon.

Full disk from GOES

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We recently spotted the typo on "Ocho Rios" in the tourist forecast above and have corrected it... must have looked at it a hundred times and never noticed. So it goes.

For more weather information, visit the Open Directory Project.

Many thanks to Environment Canada and the NOAA for the satellite photos used on this page.

Forecaster: Stewart - JCO


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