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As of 2011, the best Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for Jamaica is the IKONOS 6 meter version. It is not available to the general public.

The JCO currently has a set of 10m contours, in JAD2001 (WGS84 datum), available for 100 USD, payable via Paypal, and downloadable from our server via ftp. There are three data drop-out sections, but over 95% of the island is covered. The original data set from which the contours are derived is better than 10m.

An example can be found lower on the page of the contours laid over the 1:50000 topo map for the peaks of the Blue Mountains. As can be seen by the fit with the topo contours, the accuracy is quite good.

Sample files can be found here for the area at the south end of Bog Walk Gorge:


Corresponding section from the 1:50,000 Metric Topographic Series:

For more information, including the source data, contact the JCO at info@jamaicancaves.org. Please put "DEM" in the subject line.

10 meter contours Ten meter contours in JAD2001 on the 1:50000 topographic map

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