Jamaica Metric 1:50,000 Topographic Maps
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The JCO has its own digitized version of the 1:50,000 Metric Topgraphic Maps, with referencing in either JAD69 or JAD2001. Sample files in JAD2001 (a clip from map 12) can be found here for the area at the south end of Bog Walk Gorge:


Corresponding section from the 10 meter digital contour set (JAD2001):


For funding reasons, we're making the maps available for 20 USD each (twenty in the set), with a minimum order of 40 USD. The scan quality has been fine for our own research purposes, but please be aware that official sources might have a somewhat better quality. Payment is via Paypal, and the files can be downloaded via ftp from our server.

For more information, contact the JCO at info@jamaicancaves.org. Please put "TOPO" in the subject line.

Jamaica Topo Set - Click for higher resolution

1:50000 topographic maps - Click for higher resolution

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