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The origin of the databases found on these pages is explained more thoroughly on the Provenance page. They are presented here as an aid to researchers and cavers with the hope, and expectation, that this information will not be used in a fashion that will result in exploitation of, or damage to, the cave systems listed on this site.

Those interested in caves on the island will already be aware of the book, Jamaica Underground, by Alan G. Fincham. Be advised that the lists found on this website are a poor substitute for Mr. Fincham's important work.

The current public version of the cave register is the 2012 edition, but as of August, 2020, it is lacking positional data recorded during the last eight years. Nevertheless, it contains the vast majority of the documented speleological site in Jamaica. An updated edition will be posted before too long.

We have left in place earlier databases, which can be found lower on the page.

The Jamaican Cave Register - 2012

The Jamaican Cave Register - 2003
The GPS Cave Register

Introduction to Jamaican Caves and Sinkholes