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St Clair Cave, located near Ewarton, St Catherine, is one of Jamaica's largest caves, and home to its largest bat-roost. The JCO takes small groups of visitors into the non-vulnerable section - the main passage from the Lemon Ridge entrance to the Polly Ground entrance. This is also the clean area of the cave, with good air, not the Inferno passage that is described in many of our fieldnotes. As with all of our tours, we supply helmets, headlamps, and any other caving equipment you need.

The video posted here shows the section from the middle (Zambia) entrance back to the Polly Ground entrance, and is a good example of what we do with particularly adventurous tourists.

There are several options:

(1) Going right through from Lemon Ridge to Polly Ground, which is 2.2km. It involves about 75m of swimming, and takes 3-4 hours, plus 1 hour of hiking.

(2) Going from the middle "Zambia" entrance to Polly Ground, which is about 1km, and dry other than a few shallow pools, but involves a vertical descent of 15m at the start (we supply the equipment). It takes about 3 hours, plus 1 hour of hiking.

(3) Going in and out the Pollyground Entrance for whatever distance the visitors are happy with, which doesn't involve swimming or rope-work. The time spent in the cave is up to the guests.

The cost for option (1), Lemon Ridge to Polly Ground, is 120 USD/person, and the cost for options (2) and (3) is 100 USD/person. Transport to/from the cave can be supplied for 50 USD from Discovery Bay, Runaway Bay, and Ocho Rios, and 75 USD from Kingston.

Camping is available for 10 USD/person/night at Stefan's yard near Ewarton. We don't supply tents, just a nice space amongst orange trees, a kitchen, and an indoor bathroom.

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