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Guy on the Troy-Windsor TrailGuy van Rentergem is a Belgian national who has caved extensively on the island. Not only is he an excellent caver, he is personally responsible for some of the finest cave maps ever produced in Jamaica. His mapping work at Green Grotto, the most widely known example, is only one of many similar creations.

Guy, in participation with the Jamaican Caving Club, was instrumental in five major expeditions, mapping and exploring, prior to his linking with the JCO in 2004. During these sessions he was one of the first to introduce Single Rope Technique to Jamaica, thereby helping to usher in a new era in Jamaican caving.

For our crew, he has been an incredible addition. Guy is a caver's caver. His abilities underground are astounding, and he is one of the finest cave-surveyors on the planet. We look forward to his greater involvement in 2005.

Guy's main contributions to our collective efforts are in the fields of caving, mapping, geomorphology, and his ability to join us in drinking appropriate quantities of Red Stripe.

More information about the work done by Guy van Rentergem can be found on his website, Caving in Jamaica. This valuable site supplies information that is essential for anyone with an interest in the caves of the island.

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