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Elizabeth Slack at Rudist Rock CaveElizabeth Slack is an American Peace Corps volunteer who joined us in mid-2004. She arrived with little experience in caving but quickly became a great help to the JCO.

Elizabeth supplied valuable support on the St James project for five days during the June 2004 expedition. During the session, she discovered a new cave in Niagara, mastered vertical rope techniques at Shell Bottom Cave, and most importantly, soon realized what the JCO is trying to accomplish and conducted herself accordingly.

During 2005, she was instrumental in allowing us to successfully complete the caves component of the Parks in Peril Project for The Nature Conservancy, and also the St James project.

So far in 2006, she has supplied valuable support for our descent into Smoky Hole Cave on March 26, and was part of the team that descended into Dunn's Hole on March 31, the deepest listed cave on the island.

In total, Elizabeth has now visited somewhere over 75 caves and is one of the main-stays of the JCO. Her chief contributions to the group have been her courage, her dedication, and her sense of humour. Her only failing is that we can't get her to drink Red Stripe (or any alcohol for that matter), but we have hopes of eventually improving on this situation.

The JCO would like to thank Elizabeth for joining our motley crew; bless-up.

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