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Dietrich RoggyDietrich Roggy joined the crew in early 2004. His first sessions, Mar 29 - Apr 1, were as an assistant to Guy van Rentergem, at Green Grotto Cave, mapping the non-tourist "Wild Caves". Since then, he has linked with the JCO for the exploration and assessment of over 50 caves and sinkholes to date.

In addition to being an excellent caver, Dietrich is also very good in the bush. His orienteering skills, combined with the enjoyment he gets from being out front wielding a machete, make him a tremendous asset in the field when looking for "lost" caves. When underground, his ability to get through very small squeezes has resulted in JCO discoveries that might have otherwise been missed. His work at the Taino sites of Kempshot Cave, Bellair Cave, and the Spot Valley caves, is now part of the Jamaican archaeological historical record.

D, along with Mike Loftin of the Peace Corps, comprise our video team. Video footage has been taken during a number of our cave visits in 2005, and this has resulted in a series of very cool video documents of our work. It must be understood that caving can be tricky enough in itself, without having to think in terms of lighting and not destroying a very expensive camera. We hope that all who view the results appreciate the work that was involved in their production.

Dietrich's most recent endeavours with the crew have been as part of the Parks in Peril Project, being carried out by the JCO under contract to The Nature Conservancy, as a volunteer, (although we do feed him, and find a bit of concrete floor for him to sleep on when possible).)

D's main contributions to the JCO are bush-whacking, caving, and survey. His homepage can be found at www.tc.umn.edu/~roggy001/

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