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Feb 21, 2004



Cavers: M. Bellinger, I. C. Conolley, M. Taylor

The property is quite beautiful. Ducks, chickens, sheep, cows, dogs, and so on were part of the landscape. A river ran thru the property and there was a ‘bathing step’ built into the landscape and adjoined the river. There were many buildings and farm structures.

A woman caretaker (?) met us and we quickly became an entourage. Ivor and myself were joined by four hands some of who had probably been part of the farm for many years. We were driven out by the caretaker in a truck and then began hopping rides with a tractor and trailer.

The first cave was a large, meandering shelter cave. We saw a petroglyph in this first cave -- my first carving. It looked kind of like a drawing of an alien with a bald round head and big eyes.

The second cave was smaller, but still interesting. There was a stalagmite (on the ground going up) with a nearby stone that gave the structure the appearance of an altar and praying stone. The whole thing kind of looked like a church. It began to rain and the shelter of the cave worked well in keeping us all dry.

We then went looking for the third cave. We drove to and walked up the a steep hill. There were some interesting looking features, but the approach became too steep and rocky. Ivor and one of the other hands climbed up as far as they could but could not get to their goal. It looked like a good size opening, but maybe just another shelter.

The property looked and sounded like there was much more of the same. They also spoke of a sinkhole.

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