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The Cockpit Country of Jamaica presents one of the most challenging environments on Earth through which to navigate using a topo map and compass. Not only do canopy and hills make the sighting of distant objects difficult, but those that can be sighted offer little that can be identified on a topographic map. Nevertheless, it is not only possible but is to be preferred to the use of a GPS for finding one's way through the hills.

A report of the first Workshop on Orienteering and Map-Reading, held at the Windsor Research Centre in November of 2002, can be accessed below. This is followed by an excerpt from the course material. Another excerpt, on the use of a compass, will be posted eventually, but for now there is only a place-holder on the page.

Specific information on the Jamaican datums, JAD69, and JAD2001, can be found via the GIS page.

The next Workshop will take place from March 29 to April 2, 2004, at the WRC in Windsor, Trelawny. A report will be posted here afterwards.

Orienteering - Nov 2002 - Jamaica
Datums, Projections and Grids
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