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Thatchfield Great Cave, located near in St Ann, is one of Jamaica's largest caves, and the third deepest. The JCO takes small groups of tourists into the cave for trips lasting several hours. As with all of our tours, we supply helmets, headlamps, and any other caving equipment you need.

The video posted here shows a trip by JCO Chairman, Stefan, and two Peace Corps Volunteers who are members of our group. The quality isn't great, but it gives an idea of what it's like. Be aware that it isn't necessary to rappel in by way of the lighthole entrance - we can also go in/out via Entrance 1, which just involves a little crawling near the start for a couple of metres.

The cost is 100 USD/person, with a minimum of 200$. Transport to/from the cave can be supplied for 50 USD from Falmouth across to Ocho Rios.

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