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Swansea Cave, located near in Lluidas Vale, is one of Jamaica's longest cave sytems, and one of only two known sites for the Onychophoran, Speleoperipatus spaeleus. The JCO takes small groups of guests into the cave occasionally as part of our monitoring for the site. The time spent underground is several hours. As with all of our tours, we supply helmets, headlamps, and any other caving equipment you need.

The video posted here shows a visit by the JCO along with the owners of the land where the cave is situated. Because of the sensitive nature of the site, we limit the frequency of visits to no more than every two months, so we cannot guarantee that we can take you there during your particular time-frame.

The cost is 100 USD/person, with a minimum of 200$. Transport to/from the cave can be supplied for 50 USD from Discovery Bay across to Ocho Rios.

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