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Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmet


Rating: (1-5)


One size: 53-63 cm

Weight: 445 g

Contruction: Polycarbonate shell

4 head lamp clips

14 hole ventilation





Extremely Durable
Easily Adjustable Straps

Crew Reviews:

RS Stewart
A solid, dependable helmet. My current one is eight years old, has saved me from at least several major concussions, and still has much life left in it.

J Pauel
Soon come.

P Kennedy
The only thing I have to say is this thing is indestructible. Because of the polycarbonate construction, you don’t have to worry about “microscopic cracks” or replacing it after one good hit. This helmet was built to take abuse. The design may be a little outdated and it may not be as sleek as some of the newer helmets, but there’s a reason for that – if I ain’t broke, don’t fix it….and this thing ain’t likely to break. The Ecrin Roc has great protection with a comfortable feel. It’s hard to find a better helmet for serious caving.

The Bottom Line:

Highly recommended. It's not the cheapest helmet available, but it's one of the best.

Possible Modifications*:

The stock colors are a little boring. The Ecrin Roc only comes in white, yellow or red, but if you wanted to jazz things up a little -- paint on your own design.

Use basic latex paint you can buy at any arts and crafts store and personalize your helmet. Because if you're trusting your life to this thing, you minds well show it some love. After you have painted on your design, let dry, and then spray on at least two coats (the more coats, the more protected your design will be) of clear coat. You can pick up a spray can of clear coat at any hobby, arts and crafts or hardware store. Let dry at least five minutes between coats and remember to spray on liberally evenly to avoid runs

*Disclaimer: This section describes possible modifications to the stock product. These are suggestions only. The JCO takes no responsibility for damage you may cause to your equipment by performing these modifications. Furthermore, the JCO takes no liability for any injury caused to yourself or others due to these suggested modifications. Remember, these modifications may also void warranties, so needless to say MODIFY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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