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April 1, 2005


Position: WGS84 - 18 18' 28.1" N, 77 33' 50.8" W, +/- 15m

Field notes: D. K. Roggy

Cavers: R. S. Stewart, D. K. Roggy

Time in: 10:00 EST, Time out: 11:00 EST


Stefan and myself went around the area in which we suspected the cave might be. We asked some locals if they knew of a cave nearby, and were pointed in down a dirt road and off to the side of it. When we got to where we'd been directed we found ourselves at the double entrances of Printed circuit that face each other. This was the same place that we popped up out of the ground on March 30, to the bewilderment of a couple young children.

We assessed where we were and looked around. We came across a farmer and asked him where Farmyard cave might be. He directed us through a field and down a hill. When we got there we found ourselves at the entrance to Printed circuit that we'd been shown on March 29. This was the entrance that we went into before emerging at the double entrance described above. We wondered whether Farmyard cave even existed anymore. It had to be somewhere nearby. Stefan headed just south of the entrance we were at, along a path off to the side of yam cultivation. At one point the path turned off to the left and there was a bit of tall grass in the curve. Stefan stepped down into the grass, chopped a bit with his machete and found an entrance. It was almost covered with rocks and mud. Stefan went inside and stated that it was almost totally choked up with silt. The cultivation in the area had nearly filled in this cave.

I backtracked up the path and cut down some tall stiff grass to find another entrance. It was very much choked up and would have required moving rocks and digging to even stick my head inside. It seems evident that the last 40 years of cultivation since the KHE has affected this cave tremendously.

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